What is Gammes?

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Back in 2016, my cousin and I developed our first game: Massi vs. José. Since that moment, we knew we had something special in our hands. We've been gamers all of our lives and always appreciated the details that make a videogame fun. After endless conversations filled with joy, Gammes was born.

Gammes is just the word 'game' with an additional 'm', turning it into a new concept, something different, and our vision can be perfectly summarized in one phrase: We make the difference. Our goal is to bring all of our potential ideas to life and to create a community around our final products. Help us make our dreams reality!

We are a team dedicated to the development of videogames and we hope you can enjoy our current and future games!

José González picture
José González

Programmer & Team Leader 🖥️

Nelson Cruz picture
Nelson Cruz

Programmer & Team Manager 🖥️

Emerson Lourenço picture
Emerson Lourenço

Artist 🖌️

Marcus Flores picture
Marcus Flores

Composer 🎶️